Monday, January 23, 2017

Clip Show 32 - Sun of a Gun.

Okay, I think this one is pretty good!  As the first major clip show since my last major clip show, it includes bits of the last three Match Highlight vids, but is mostly new footage.  I think it works!  I've wanted to use this song for a long-ass time, and I've used so much old music lately I wanted to use a song from like, after 2010.

It is, naturally, mostly Tracer work - got a lotta' nice doubles and contributed to a lotta' team wipes!  But we begin with Mercy, being extra-defensive on Anubis defense.

0:00 - 0:27 : I've learned not to be very scared of Sombras.  I can't have her hacking my Bastion, though, so she's gotta' be dealt with.

0:27 - 1:00 : Hahahah Ana's not healing you, Rein!  She's trying to support the ulting Roadhog on the other side of the payload!

Oh hi, Ana.  Your Rein's gone.  Care to dance?

Worth noting: an Ana who can land her sleep darts is actually pretty darned dangerous.  Took me way too long to kill her.

1:00 - 1:09 : Soldier and Zen are both very dangerous to me.  Soldier can give me a little burst from his rifle and hit me with his helix rockets, and I'm done.  Zen can discord and a single headshot will reduce me to almost nothin' - so solo'ing two of them to keep them from backing up their point is some very solid work, thank you very much.

1:09 - 1:15 : One of my lamest PotGs ever!  But sticking a Hog never ceases to be a pleasure.

1:15 - 1:20 : This is The Mercy Who Wouldn't Die I was talking about on the podcast last week. After multiple failed attempts, my team has disposed of most of the reds, and only Mei and Mercy remain on the point - but I'm alone too.  I blink in to finally deal with Mercy, and the Mei freezes me as I drop the bomb on Mercy.  As Mercy flies through me and Mei's freeze kicks in, I'm sure I'm about to die and we'll lose the point.  If the Mei is close enough to freeze me, she's probably so close that I'll still be in my pulse bomb's blast radius before Mercy flies to her...

...the freeze kicks in, the bomb goes off, and takes Mercy and Mei with it.  That is what a lucky Tracer looks like.

1:20 - 1:24 : A nice triple, mostly off the back of my D.Va's ult.  Chasing down a fleeing Hog feels delicious.

1:24 - 1:47 : Play of the Game for The Mercy Who Wouldn't Die is this display on the point.  I go for a dive on her - merely the latest in a series of pathetic and failed attempts - but this time my Sombra ults at the perfect moment for me to capitalize on it.  With none of her team's abilities to intercept me or protect her, I take the Mercy without much difficulty.  Our Genji finishes off Rein, McCree dives for a health pack but gets picked before he can nail it, and the Tracer who had been countering me every time I tried to get close to Mercy retreats off the point just in time to run right into me.

And the PotG cut off before I got the Mei, but I got the Mei!  And then we lost the point and lost the match anyway!

1:47 - 2:01 : I do my best to harry the reds' defensive line, and successfully get their nano-boosted Rein to ignore my team, turn around and ferry my pulse bomb down to his Bastion!  And then he tries to charge me, misses (blink counters charge), and my team finishes off what the pulse bomb started.  Very nice.

2:01 - 2:20 : Pulse bombing the hog is, y'know, standard procedure - but whacking a Sombra out of stealth before wrecking her?  That's a sweet plum.

2:20 - 2:23 : The very humble PotG from the Gibraltar Match Highlights.

2:23 - 2:38 : A solid teamfight on Lijiang.  Why do I feel like I'm the only one who ever does for the damn healer?

2:38 - 2:41 : I turn a corner and find myself face-to-face with Ana.  She fires her sleep dart right over my left ear, and I fire a pulse bomb into her face.  I win.

2:41 - 2:46 : Much as I enjoyed beating the crap out of the enemy Roadhog this match, for my money, the single coolest moment is using rewind to get around the enemy McCree.  It would've been ideal to finish him with a single clip, but nailing the shots after my blink really made it perfect.  'Course then I screw up and the Junkrat kills me, but it was still a gorgeous move.  'Specially with the harmony orb on him.

2:46 - 2:59 : I did enjoy beating up the Roadhog, though.

2:59 - 3:16 : A really nice PotG after a dominant match on Ilios.  We had a Lucio.  I heart Lucio.  The McCree must've been so burnt.  He saw me kill his Soldier, he came for me on the other side to take me out, and he winds up in the PotG.

3:16 - 3:19 : You're always worth my pulse bomb, Bastion.

3:19 - 3:22 : Ha!

3:22 - 3:25 : I messaged the Widow from the Shop Around vid, with a link to it.  I was worried she's feel burnt by it, but...

Eyyy.  And this takedown, I believe, is the best of the bunch.

3:29 - 3:41 : This Rein screwed up.  When I tossed my pulse bomb, it hit his shield.  If he'd just kept it up, he and Lucio would be fine.  He drops it, for a moment - and the bomb detaches and latches on to the nearest thing - him.  Then, he brings the shield back up - but now the pulse bomb is on the other side of it - and it blasts him and Lucio.

Lucky Tracer.

* * *

On a personal note, I think this one is pretty darned good.  Didn't get a single heart on the PA forums, though... I think I flooded the heart market with the Match Highlight vids... or maybe people just hate the song?  I love this song.

 ...or maybe my videos are just shit.  They could definitely be shit.  I like 'em, though.


See Alex? FF XII: The Zodiac Age is comin' along just fine.

Live, from Taipei!

Oooh a trailer's leaked for Overwatch's New Years event!

New Skin for Sym!  New skin and highlight intro for Mercy!  A capture the flag mode with Tracer on Lijiang!  I couldn't wait 'till tomorrow to just see the direct feed trailer!

Update; better leak:

New best Tracer skin?

Dark Souls III's final DLC revealed, GotY Edition incoming.

Dark Souls III: The Ringed City launches digitally on March 28th, and a complete release of Dark Souls III with both The Ringed City and last year's Ashes of Ariandel DLC is coming April 21st!

Temptiiing... I still wanna' go back and replay Bloodborne...

New Blue Reflection trailer.

I feel this game is making a lot of assumptions about me, the player.  Do I want or need to see some CG girls like wrestling in their bras?

Fuck no.


Do I enjoy the idea of a special attack featuring a giant teddy bear who shoots laser beams out of his big button eyes?

Well, yeah.  

Have I secretly, deep down inside, always wanted to be a beautiful teenage girl in Japan, spending my days negotiating the heady problems of troubled peers who will soon be my super-best friends?

Look, it's honesty time - I think we all do.  We would like do each others' nails and plan our weddings and make up the perfect boy and just be like so random, and you could tell we really love each other because we sing together while washing the dishes.  And my hair would be so shiny. a Pantene ad.

Do I wish I was a magical girl, spending my nights battling unspeakable horrors with nothing but a crystal sword, a frilly backless dress and the omnipotent power of love?

Will I let panty shots stop me from finally living the dream?

Y'all know me.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Match Highlights 3 (Gibraltar) - Neutron Dance.

I have determined that I now have three types of Clip Shows.  One is the classic - a bunch of the best moments of the past weeks' Overwatching.  The Long Cut is generally a single, unbroken take that lasts until I die, and my previous two videos were more... single-match highlights than true clip shows, interested mostly in telling the story of a single match than celebrating the awesomeness that is Tracer or Mercy.

So I've decided to embrace that with this entry - Match Highlights of a Gibraltar defense against a Mercy whose day I make very difficult.

This dominating Tracer work was brought to you by...

Symmetra, and her Fabulous Shield Generator


Torbjorn's Armor:  "Come Get'cher Armor!"

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Overwatch: Dank Dragons.

Way better than I expected.  I laughed out loud, which is a rarity lately.

Friday, January 20, 2017

More new skins link for the Overwatch New Year's event.

It comes from a free Overwatch trial ad in China - fitting, because all these skins are tied to the classic Chinese epic Journey to the West.  Specifically,

Zenyatta seems to be Tang Sanzang - the Buddhism master of Monkey King Sun Wukong. Worth noting, another name for Tang Sazang is Tripitaka - who you may remember was represented in Ninja Theory's Enslaved: Odyssey to the West as a super-hot post-apocalyptic techno-hippie chick.

Winston is, naturally, Sun Wukong, the Monkey King.

Roadhog is Zhu Bajie, a pig monster and apprentice of Tang Sanzang, and Rein is Sha Wujing, another apprentice of Tang Sazang.

This is all very cool, of course, but all of these heroes have already received new legendary skins.  Zenyatta has his Nutcracker Christmas skin, Winston got the (awesome) Yeti skin, Roadhog got Junkenstein's Monster (Halloween) and Rein got two legendaries when the Eichenwald map launched.

Heroes without a new legendary skin so far..?  McCree, Hanzo, Sombra, Ana, Soldier, Pharah, Bastion, Widow and Sym.  Wonder what - if anything - is comin' down the pike for them?  That being said, the above, along with the Mei and D.Va skins that Blizz have shown off, are pretty damned groovy.

Year of the rooster!


Playdead tease their next game.

Good timing, eh?  "Don't worry about Playdead, folks, we're still making atmospheric low-color artsy platformers!"

In an unrelated story, the "embed tweet" button seems to have disappeared from my Twitter!  Wooo.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Chamberlain & Chance 55 : Unhealthy Optimism.

Wiiith Alex!

Alex thisChamberlain that podcast on iTunes

Chamberlain and Chance - Unhealthy optimism

  • Chance plays Overwatch and Darkest Dungeon, but also something that's not Overwatch or Darkest Dungeon?!
  • Alex is troubled by gender representation in Dragon Quest VIII
  • Is Watch Dogs 2 shit?  Chamberlain says nay!
  • And who the fuck do Nintendo think they're fooling with the Switch? 
You'll have to tune in to find out!