Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Nier Automata - Arsenal of Elegant Destruction trailer.

To quote Jimmy Fallon on SNL like twenty years ago,

"No, Antonio, NO!  IS TOO SEXY!!!"

Oh, I forgot to add - Automata's Steam release date was also revealed today, via the above trailer.  Well, not exactly the above trailer.  The trailer was first thrown up with both the PS4 and Steam release dates showing at the end (March 10th for Steam).  Then it was pulled.  Stayed gone for a bit.  Then it came back without the Steam bit - Endless says it's due to a marketing deal with Sony that I imagine doesn't let ads talk about other platforms before the game's release.  

Anyway - March 10th on PC, 7th on PS4!

Persona 5 - Velvet Room trailer.

One : holy shit that is dark as fuck.

Two : wow, this is seriously just the Catherine engine again, ain't it?

Darkest Dungeon is 50% off on PSN!

There's a "critics choice" sale on PSN right now - it goes 'till the 28th - and 2016 Game of the Year Darkest Dungeon is fifty percent off!!!  If for some unfathomable reason you have not yet gazed into that antediluvian abyss, you are now out of excuses.

There's some other cool stuff in there too - The Witcher III: Complete Edition is down to thirty bucks (if that's your bag), same with Titanfall 2 and Diablo III, Enter the Gungeon is nine bucks, last year's spectacular DOOM and (equally-but-differently spectacular) Odin Sphere Leifthrasir (PS4) is $35, and Drinkbox's ultra-special Severed is just six!

Very nice, very nice.


Monday, February 20, 2017

I am like, stupid-hyped for Horizon.

And it wasn't this morning when all the reviews started popping, either.  It was last night.  I don't know why, but I went to YouTube on my TV and literally watched like an hour and a half of the preview gameplay I'd ignored from a few weeks ago.  It was kinda' like when I binged Darkest Dungeon streams prior to its Early Access launch years ago.

It became clear that Horizon is kind of the game I've been wishing for Sony to make for a while, now.  For years I've been hoping that Naughty Dog would take their ridiculous technical prowess and story presentation and apply that to an RPG.  Obviously, Guerrilla don't have the storytelling chops of ND, but Horizon is a first-party triple-A-plus third-person action RPG.  All the reviews I checked today told me it's the best-looking game on the current gen - and that's lovely! - but it's the roaming, collecting, crafting, questing and most of all robodino hunting that I'm dying for.

I told Chamberlain today via email that it basically seems to be a third-person Far Cry game (with robodinos).  Fuck yes.

Sony's had a pretty hot year for exclusives so far, and it's not even March.  Yakuza 0 got a great response, I fucking love Gravity Rush 2, Nioh is popular for some reason and now Horizon.

Bringin' the noise and the funk.

Oh, also.  Y'know what's weird?  I've been wanting to replay The Order: 1886 lately.  Hmmm strangeness...

The next thing from Cellar Door Games is Full Metal Furies.

Hm.  Steam and Xbox seem to be the only platforms.  One less game to worry about yayyy.  (Cellar Door Games are the folks who made the excellent Rogue Legacy.)

Hm. A Blue Reflection boss fight.

1 - What the hell is going on?!
2 - Who is this girl who keeps appearing and firing tennis balls and basketballs at the giant crystal monster?  I feel like she's not helping all that much.
3 - I love that UI.

My Earnest Prayers Have Been Answered.

Nendoroids for Mei and Mercy were confirmed at Wonfes in Japan!  Woooo I'll be tempted by Mei, but I'm getting two Mercies.

Also, Genji and Tracer will be appearing in Figma form.  What's a Figma?  It's a very high-quality heavily-articulated figure, also from (Nendoroid producer) Good Smile!  For example, here's the first Link Figma they did (another one is coming for Breath of the Wild).

Not bad, eh?  I expect Genji will work very well in Figma form.  I'll have to see Tracer first, but their Zero Suit Samus Figma turned out half decent.

But a Mercy Nendo oh my God, right?!  Woo! Like people have been making their own Mercy Nendos they want 'em so bad.

Can't wait to see the official version.

[update]  Oh!  Also, Alter's Okoi from the Muramasa: Genroku Legends DLC got a prototype!

Awesome! [/update]

Friday, February 17, 2017

Chamberlain & Chance 59 : Respites

Wiiithout Alex :(  But we sally forth!  Alex thisChamberlain that podcast on iTunes

Chamberlain and Chance - Respites


  • Chance has played a bunch of stuff that's not Overwatch!
  • Chamberlain is quite pleased with Resident Evil 7, thank you. 
  • Just because we're not playing Overwatch doesn't mean we've stopped reporting on Overwatch news. 
  • And did Dead Rising 4 earn its Metascore?  
You'll have to tune in to find out!

A quartet of lovely Horizon: Zero Dawn trailers.


Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy drops June 30th.

I really wonder if there's enough market for this.  Y'know what?  No - there must be - the community has been asking for them since the first remasters appeared on PS3.  I just know I'm not the market.  Never played a Naughty Dog game till I tried Jak 2 for like five minutes on my PS2 and never touched it again.